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There are so many great live music venues in Columbus, from 20,000 seat arenas to small bars, but most of them are owned and operated by different people. This can make it daunting to keep track of all the shows that take place each week, and causes us to miss some awesome shows that we would have loved.


The mission of Listen LIVE Columbus is to combine all of that data into one easy to navigate place, and, ultimately, to promote all of the amazing venues and shows Columbus has to offer.  


We'll also be providing some concert previews and reviews, album reviews, new music alerts, and hopefully some other interesting music related entries. 

Go see some of the amazing concerts Columbus hosts every night!

Kid Runner

Sean O'ConnorFounder and Editor


I was in high school when I went to my first real concert - Aerosmith at Polaris Amphitheater on September 23, 1998. It was a night that I'll never forget, my friends and I tried our best to sing along to the songs we had heard our dads play for us since we were little kids while sitting out there on the lawn with almost  20,000 of our closest friends around us. I went to school the next day wearing my new t-shirt with Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, and the rest on the front, and, later, even wrote my junior research paper on Aerosmith. I have always loved music, but seeing it live, on stage, in front of me is something I fell in love with. 

I went to more shows during high school, undergrad, and law school, but over the last few years going to concerts has been my favorite hobby. Columbus offers so many venues that host so many great artists, national, regional, and local. It's a lot to keep track of, especially if you're interested in seeing smaller shows, and not just the sold-out arena concerts.  

My hope for Listen LIVE Columbus is that it will help more people attend more shows, and discover great new bands and venues.

Sean O'Connor
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