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Concert Review: The Receiver

The Receiver, project of brothers Casey and Jesse Cooper, rocked Woodlands Tavern last night. The Columbus duo formed in 2005, based on the ideas developed from Casey’s senior thesis as a music major at Ohio State. The brothers have released three albums to date, Decades, Length of Arms, and most recently 2015’s All Burn, the latter via Kscope Records.

The duo’s sound is dream-pop/prog-rock, but with their own twist - Casey plays keyboards and bass, and Jesse plays drums, so there is no guitar driving their melodies. Most of the songs during their set were bass driven, letting Casey’s great voice carry do the heavy lifting. In addition to drumming, Jesse also sang back-up, and the duo seemed to be at there best when the brothers’ harmony was working to full effect.

The live production of their music was a bit more on the rock side, than their melodic, mellow, layered, recordings. Like the Black Keys, and other duos, it can be difficult to produce a live experience to match what is laid down in the studio, but The Receiver did an admirable job distilling their songs into a live setting.

For more, check them out at

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