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Favorite New Songs: 3rd Quarter of 2017

The third quarter of 2017, from July through September, saw a ton of new music released from some of my favorite artists, including the Foo Fighters, The National, Queens Of The Stone Age, The Killers, and more. Therefore, big acts dominate this quarter's list more than usual. Still, plenty of lesser known and more indie artists/bands have made the list. I'm particularly excited about the debut single from Effee, which is the new solo project of Fran Litterski from Columbus, who plays in Kid Runner and Fields & Planes, and is also a touring member of Magic Man. Mondo Cozmo just dropped his debut album, which is excellent, and I'm really enjoying the new tracks from Australian band Tired Lion and Nashville based Birdtalker. More Australians are on the list with the team-up of Courtney Barnett and Kurt Vile for "Continental Breakfast" from their forthcoming album, and another band from Nashville, *repeat repeat, that I was first exposed to when they opened for Beach Slang at Rumba Cafe.

I love discovering and listening to new music, whether it's a brand new band or artist, maybe a new side project, someone I just never really knew about before, or a new song from an all-time favorite artist. There is just so much quality music that is readily available today that no one can keep track of it all. Last year I started keeping track of the new music I was listening to each quarter, and then distilling it down into a Top 20 list for that quarter.

Where do I find this new music? From many sources: online streaming, music blogs, opening acts at concerts, tips from friends, and our great local Columbus radio station CD102.5, which champions new music. My only rule for my quarterly lists is that the song had to have been released during that quarter.

I'd love to know what you think of the list, and what new songs/artists have you excited. You can see my previous lists on my Spotify page.

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