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Concert Review: Columbus' Effee Shines in First Live Show


Effee, the new solo project of Columbus musician Fran Litterski, played their first live full-band show, with a fantastic set, opening for Hazel English at the Big Room Bar. The set was energetic, diverse, and definitely more polished than one might expect from a band’s first live show. However, given Litterski’s extensive experience as a member of Kid Runner, Fields & Planes, and as a touring member of Magic Man, it shouldn’t have been too much of a surprise. The band for Effee’s debut show was rounded out by Kurt Keaner (guitar/synth), Scott Griffin (Ableton Push, drums), and Austin Nill (drums), all members of Kid Runner, but playing a somewhat different configuration of instruments in Effee.

The set was part of CD102.5’s Frontstage Live where two songs from a local band are broadcast live on the radio each Thursday night, part of the radio station’s mission to support and promote local music. Due to the first two songs of the set being on the radio, Effee kicked off the show with the first two singles released so far, “Work It Out” and “Lying.” “Work It Out” is an electronic, high-energy, alt-pop banger that makes the crowd want to immediately start dancing. Since its release, it’s been receiving play on CD102.5 locally in Columbus, as well as being featured on several Spotify curated playlists. “Lying” is a more piano heavy track that illustrates a story of running into an “ex” at the grocery store, and the eminently relatable emotions that go along with such an encounter.

In addition to these first two singles Effee treated the crowd to several new songs, including “You and I,” “Move Me,” and “Start All Over,” which Litterski related that she had just written the previous week. Finally, Effee closed out with their only other presently released track, “Not You,” which is a collaboration with Detroit producer/songwriter Nydge. The set can only be categorized as a triumph for Effee’s first full-band outing - Litterski’s lyrics and vocals clearly resonated with the crowd, and the musical skill and execution by Keaner, Griffin, and Nill allowed the songs to be brought fully to life.

Check out the photo galleries below for Effee and Hazel English's sets.

Many more photos can be found over on our Flickr page.


Hazel English:

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