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Concert Review: Fran Litterski at the Bexley Public Library

Fran Litterski

As advertised, it was an evening of poignant piano ballads and refreshingly catchy pop tunes with Fran Litterski at the Bexley Public Library last night. Fran, playing solo on this night, is involved in no shortage of musical projects these days. She serves as co-lead vocalist, playing keys/ukulele for Columbus indie band Fields & Planes, provides keys/ukulele and vocals for indie pop-rock band Kid Runner, and is a touring member of national act, Magic Man, playing keys and singing backing vocals.

But this night was all Fran, in the spotlight, with just a piano and ukulele, playing and talking about her songs in an intimate setting, much different than the venues her bands usually play. She took the audience on a journey through her past insecurities, such as frequently crying and sweating profusely in high school, to a more mature struggle with change and time, to everyday relationship issues like running into your ex at the grocery store and dealing with long distances. Over the course of her 13 song set, some old and some new, Fran showed her knack for communicating the thoughts and and issues nearly everyone experiences during the course of their lives and relationships.

The highlight of the evening were the two new songs that Fran is planning to release this summer under the name of her new solo project, Effee. These two songs “Lying” and “Work It Out” were definitely among the “refreshingly catchy pop tunes” portion of the show. Even though they were new to most of the crowd, both tunes were immediately infectious, and the tale in “Lying” about what happens when you run into an ex in the grocery store check-out line was especially relatable.

In addition to her own bands and solo project, Fran told the crowd that she has also started writing songs for others. She played one of those, “Face to Face,” which was poignant illustration of the struggles of being in a relationship with someone who is far away, an experience Fran dealt with first hand last year while touring across the country with Magic Man. This song is currently slated to be recorded by Parker Louis of Columbus band, Forest & the Evergreens.

On “Buckle Up/Skin,” another great new track which may end up becoming a Fields & Planes song, Fran tells the story of how, even in a new relationship, one person immediately starts imprinting on the other, becoming a “stain on their mind and skin.” Fran also performed a powerful cover of “Burn” by indie-pop singer-songwriter Madi Diaz, whom Fields & Planes opened for back in October.

Some of the songs were so new that Fran still needed a notebook in front of her as a reference, and even related that she had just written the bridge part to one of the songs earlier in the day. The whole evening offered the audience great insight into Fran’s process of thinking, writing, reflecting, and developing songs for herself, her bands, and others, as well as getting a good glimpse into where she is heading as a solo artist.

Stay tuned for more info on the initial releases of her upcoming solo project, Effee, as well as more shows with Fields & Planes, Kid Runner, and Magic Man.

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